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2023 Recognition Awards
2023 RA
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Historic Residence Pre-1920: 

"Dewey-Lathrope House" at 206 South Union Street, Delphi.   Built 1855, Gothic Revival Style.  

Current owners:  Marcus and Jessica Brunton.  Previously home of Captain John Lathrope, Civil War Band Leader - Cornet Player and Co-owner of the Delphi Opera House with Joseph Ruffing

Historic Residence Post-1920: 

218 W Summit St.  Delphi.  Built circa 1930.  Brick cottage style.  Owners:  Steve and Judy Smith


Historic Church:  "Little White Church By the Canal".  Originally German Lutheran Church.  Renamed the Lutheran Church during World War I.  Last services were held in this church in 1950's  Moved to current location along the canal in 2015.  Extensive work done by the "Monday, Wednesday, Friday Volunteer Crew"

Historic Structure:  Pierce Stone Barn.  700 North Washington Street.    Barn/Warehouse built in 1904 by Pierce Builders, a road building company working on roads in the area.  Served as the Carroll County Council on Aging offices for a number of years.  Currently owned by Carroll County Historical Society, houses office and Museum.  Randy Meyer, President of the Carroll County Historical Society and Mark A. Smith, Carroll County Historian, accepted the award. 

Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award:  Janet Ayers, PhD.  

 A native of Carroll County, Janet was raised in Cutler.  She is a graduate of Purdue University with Masters from Cornel and PhD from Purdue University.  Janet is a Full Professor and Director of Purdue Extension and Community Development Program.  Janet has facilitated extensive leadership programs in Indiana, the United States and 70 other countries.  She currently serves as President of the Wabash and Erie Canal Association Board.

The Samuel L. Milroy Award was presented to William and Doretta Bradshaw in recognition of their entrepreneurial and philanthropic contribution to the City of Delphi. 

2022 Recognition Awards
2022 RA
Samuel Milroy Award 

Jim Cripe was presented the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriquez Leadership award for outstanding leadership of Delphi Opera House, Inc

The Samuel L. Milroy Award was presented to Nancy Cripe for her faithful management of the Delphi Food Pantry

Jeff Been and Eric Graninger are presented with the Historic Residence Post 1920 Award

Bill and Doretta Bradshaw are presented the award for Historic Commercial Building for the transformation of the former NAPA building into Team Rehabilitation. 

Mike and Denise Beach are presented the Historic Residence Pre-Civil War Award

Historic Residence, Post 1920

Tanner and Hayley Buffenbarger are awarded the Historic Residence Pre-1920 Award

Historic Residence Pre-1920
Historic Residence, Pre Civil War
2021Recognition Awards
2021 RA
Historic Residence, Pre Civil War

Historic Residence, Pre-Civil War: Christina Langsdorf and Ezra Gray | 221 E Franklin St 

Historic Residence, Pre-1920: Everett and Brenda Kyles | 507 E Main St

Historic Residence Pre-1920

 Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award 2021:  Joe Mayfield

Historic Commercial Property: Hometown Shirts & Graphics | Mark and Tricia Mendel | 103 S Washington St 

Historic Residence, Post-1920: Bonnie Maxwell and Anita Werling | 817 E Columbia St 

Historic Residence Post-1920
Commercial or Public Building
2019Recognition Awards
2019 RA

Historic Residence, Pre-1920: Bill and Doretta Bradshaw| 407 E Main St.

Historic Residence, Post-1920: Bob and Lynda Brooks | 412 RE Main St

Historic Commercial Property: The Sandwich Shop | Pete Circle| 112 E Main St

Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award 2019:  Karyl Traeger

Gerard Archive Award: Melissa Bishop 

Historic Church: Chapel Art Gallery 

2018 RA
2018 Recognition Awards
Historic Residence Pre-1920
Historic Residence Post-1920

415 E. Main Street is a stunning example of Victorian styling built in the 1880s by Matthew Sterling, then owner of the Delphi  Lumber Company. For many years the residence was owned by the Bradshaw Family. During much of that time, the railing on the circular porch was composed of cast-iron brackets from the balcony of the Delphi Opera House. The present owner, Tyler Mose, offers the property for short-term rentals through Air BNB.


Built in 1938 by Bill and Carolyn Pearson, the residence at 1004 S. Washington Street has been meticulously maintained through the decades.

Historic  Church

The Delphi Baptist Church was built in 1892. Damaged by fire in 1995, the building has undergone extensive restoration. Accepting the award was Clara Rider.

Delphi First Baptist.JPG
2017 RA
2017 Recognition Awards
Historic Residence Pre-1920

The Bridge Residence at 121 N. Indiana Street is a stunning example of Gothic Revival styling. Among its features are an ornate glass transom and bargeboard  fascia. Its original owner was Jacob C. Bridge who operated many retail establish-ments and grain trade businesses in the 1860s and 1870s. Present owners are Judge Benjamin Diener and attorney Abigail Huffer Diener. They have beautifully maintained its the residence's exterior and have added attractive landscaping to the property.

Commercial or Public Building

The Deiwert Insurance Company relocated their offices to 113 S. Indiana Street undertaking extensive remodeling to complement the area near downtown. Color schemes, signage, and landscaping complement and enhance the neighborhood. Owners Sam and Debbie Deiwert through their investments have demonstrated their commitment to making the community better. The bold color scheme was Debbie's inspiration and appropriately highlights the building's architectural features.


Accepting the award for the Murphy Fountain are council members and the clerk for the City of Delphi. (L to R) Dick Traeger, Leanne Aldridge, Mike Shockley, Carolyn Pearson, and DPS president Tom Atkinson.

Historic Residence Post-1920

Amongst the large homes of the 1800s on East Monroe Street quietly sits a sweet mid-century modern home. Built in 1965 by Margie and Everett Dunk, this 2-bedroom ranch home exhibits classic features of a residence of this era including a historic exterior color scheme. It is a classic example of a 1960s ranch home. The property remains immaculately kept and is an asset to the community.

Historic Site or Structure

The Murphy Fountain, installed in 1918 and funded by a bequest from Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Murphy, was recently refurbished to its original form and re-installed as part of the Delphi Stellar project. M. M. Murphy had a drugstore across Main street for 35 years and was concerned that there was no sanitary public drinking source. Attorney William C. Smith and Banker Charles B. Shaffer, friends of the deceased, chose the design. Shaffer's daughter Lewis was the model for the little girl. The monument was a collaboration between sculptor Myra Reynolds Richards and Blakley Granite, Marble,


and Tile Co. of Indianapolis. The monument is made of Barre Granite, the same stone in the 1888 Soldiers and Sailors Monument. The sculpture was repaired and altered in the 1940s and 1960s, but now it is back to its original form. Lewis Shaffer became Lee McGiffin (1908-1978) and wrote many books, including oneshort novel "The Carefree Years" which is broadly based on early years in Delphi.

2016 RA
2016 Recognition Awards

Bob and Dorothy Mills received the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award for their longtime support of the Delphi Preservation Society and for their decades of service to the community. They recently established an endowment for the Society at the Carroll County Community Foundation.

A retired farmer, Bob


served on the boards of Camp Tecumseh and REMC. Dorothy is a retired teacher, founding member of the Carroll County Community Foundation board, founder of the Carroll County Cancer Support Group, and active in many other organizations. Both Bob and Dorothy are members of Junto and DPS board member Alan McConnell presented them with their award at their Junto meeting occurring on the same night as the DPS Annual Meeting.

Commercial or Public Building

The I.O.O.F. Carroll Lodge No. 174 building at 107 E. Main Street received the Commercial or Public Building Award. Home to Bradshaw Insurance Company, the building's facade was updated as part of the Delphi Stellar Facade Project. William Bradshaw and daughter Stacy Bradshaw went beyond the scope of the facade project to make sure  the building facade would be properly taken care of for years to come.

With an eye for detail, the Bradshaws have brought a refreshing update to the oldest building in the block.

2015 RA
2015 Recognition Awards

Dick Traeger received the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award for leading by example and "just digging in!"  This year, Dick has gotten our Society out of cold water and hot water!  He has led efforts at the Crosby Hotel basement to make structural reinforcements that enabled that building to participate in the Stellar Facade Restoration project. 

photo 1.JPG

When a broken boiler led to bursting water pipes in sub-zero weather, Dick was there making sure repairs were made and cleanup took place.  Then, as the boiler came back on line, dozens of leaks in the frozen water pipes led to more flooding.  Dick made sure the repairs got made, worked with the insurance adjuster, and oversaw the clean up and repair.  Dick does not toot his horn for the projects he handles for DPS... he is just there getting them done.

Historic Residence Pre-1920

The Bowen-Crouch House received the award for Historic Residences Pre-1920. Located at the corner of Wilson and East Main Streets, this Queen Anne "Free Style" house was built in 1896 by Nathaniel Bowen. Owners Jeff Norris and Garth Rathkey purchased the home in 2014 and in the process of making necessary repairs. Prior to their rescue of the property, it was listed on Indiana Landmarks "Most Endangered" list.

The late Faye Wood, local historian described the home as follows:
"... Red tiled roof slates, tiffany-type windows, turret, and columns make this home an elegant edifice. Within is a ballroom on the third story, Italian frescoes on the ceiling, goatskin leather covering the walls of the dining room, and inlay and parquet floors throughout. The builder was N.W.Bowen, a banker, who was also a fancier of fine horses. The nearby coach house is also an architectural gem."

Historic Residence Post-1920

Co-Awards were presented for the first time this year for the residences of Virginia Emerson at 200 Riley Road and of Jane Smith at 103 Crest Drive. Both homes represent the classic ranch style that became popular in the 1950s.Each home is 50 years old this year making them eligible for the Post-1920 Residence Award.

The Emerson home was build in 1965 by the Bowens. Mrs. Emerson and her family purchased and moved into the home in 1977; The Smith home was built in 1965 by Charles and Jane Smith who have been the only owners of the home.

Gerard Archival Award

In 2011 while Toby Armstrong was working in the Opera House Gallery, she began scanning property transfer records that the Delphi Preservation Society acquired from the Carroll County Abstract and Title, LLC.  These records are an invaluable resource in tracking ownership of a lot or parcel from 1830 through 1968.  Toby has scanned nearly 90,000 of these records in addition to over 10,000 pages of local histories


(county, township, school, church, etc.), phone books, cookbooks, postcards, and other items. Her willingness to do this repetitive work while fulfilling her other tasks has been outstanding.  All her work will be available for researchers in the Charles Gerard Archives in the Delphi Opera House, and some, with luck, will be among Delphi Preservation Society's contributions to a local history website to help celebrate the Indiana Bicentennial in 2016. 

Historic Site or Structure

City Park Shelter House.
This structure sits in the Delphi City Park in the former community of Mortonsville.  The City Park is the site of an Indian Cemetery and later was used as the city of Delphi cemetery.  In 1896 the cemetery was moved east of town to Morning Heights Cemetery on the Old Delphi to Camden Road.  The plan was to use the site as a location for a school.  This never happened, instead it was used as the school gardens which were developed in 1907.  The Delphi High School class of 1919 raised money to build this shelter house... they did not have quite enough money so local business men started a campaign to raise the additional funds. 


In 1920, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke in the shelter house.  The Shelter House has been the site of cultural events such as plays and lectures.  It is used as a site for family reunions and picnics.  Five years ago the Delphi Parks Board renovated the shelter  replacing the roof and adding modern lighting and electrical outlets.  Just north of the shelter house is a monument to Dyson Boothroyd, the first soldier from Carroll County killed in the Civil War (killed at the Battle of Laurel Hill in West Virginia).

2014 RA
2014 Recognition Awards

Chris Neumann received the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award for “leading from the middle” by throwing her energy and talents into beautifying the former Delphi United Methodist Church after the Delphi Preservation Society accepted its donation from the church’s Trustees. Refinishing the exterior doors, painting the porch, and planting perennials are among the improvements Chris quietly accomplished.


While the nomination was based on recent activity, Chris’ leadership has also been felt at the Brooks Center, the Delphi Parks Board, and improvements made throughout the community at the Opera House Gallery, the band stand on the square, the Stone Barn among others.

Historic Residence Pre-1920

Kevin and Kathleen Kologinsky received the Historic Residence Pre-1920 Award for their painstaking work to renovate magnificent Sims House at 226 W. North Street. The Italianate gem was built ca. 1865 for Joseph A. Sims, a prominent Delphi attorney. The Kologinskys have graciously shared their home with countless visitors to local and regional events. This etching of the Sims house is from the 1874 Carroll County Atlas.

Gerard Archival Award

Receiving the Charles Gerard Historic Archival Award was the project to digitize Carroll County newspapers from the 1840s. to the present both preserving and making available to the public these important sources of historical information. The newspaper project will digitize more than 300 rolls of microfilm that include nearly 200,000 pages at a cost of $35,000.


Many individuals and groups involved in the Carroll County Newspaper Digitization project were acknowledged, including the libraries, the Historical Society Museum, and the Moss family. Accepting the award on behalf of the project were Kelly Currie, Delphi Public Library director and Bonnie Maxwell, Chair DPS Archives Committee. The award will be kept in the library.

Historic Residence Post-1920

Bill and Sue Jargstorf received the Historic Residence Post-1920 Award for their home at 817 E. Monroe Street. The cottage style residence was built in the 1930s and has been beautifully maintained.


Among its notable features are the meticulous gardens which always have something in bloom.

2013 RA
2013 Recognition Awards

Dan McCain of the Wabash & Erie Canal Association received the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award for the dedicated service shown over the past decades in preserving the historic sites at Canal Park. Dan has also spearheaded the saving and relocation of several historic bridges to Canal Park, and most recently, the Freedom Bridge which will reconnect the trail segments severed by the Hoosier Heartland Highway.


Dan McCain stands tall--literally and figuratively--among preservationists and promoters of heritage and cultural tourism throughout the region.

Gerard Archival Award

Richard Funkhouser was awarded the Charles Gerard Historic Archival Award for his many contributions to protecting and making available important archival resources. In particular, this past year Funkhouser published through the Delphi Preservation Society, the definitive work on William Henry Whistler who died during the ill-fated Lady

Franklin Bay Expedition led by Adolphus Greely. A distant cousin of Whistler, Funkhouser collected information and documents related to the expedition focusing on Whistler’s role. Among the documents were Whistler’s diaries from the expedition and a letter written to his Aunt Lydia. These were transcribed in Funkhouser’s publication. A historical marker commemorating Whistler was donated by Funkhouser and installed at the Whistler Cemetery near Rockfield.

Historic Church

The Historic Church Award was presented to the trustees of the Delphi United Methodist Church for their historic former home on North Union Street. Built as the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1870s with Gothic Revival styling, the building saw many additions through the decades. A handsome parsonage was built in 1896 and a large education wing added in the 1930s.

Maintaining heat and air conditioning in the historic church even after it was vacated is just one indication of the stewardship which the trustees have exhibited for this important Delphi landmark. The trustees have announced their intention to gift the historic structure to the Delphi Preservation Society which will place a preservation easement on the property to protect it in perpetuity.

Historic Site or Structure

The Historic Site or Structure Award was presented to the Sherry and Lois Mears family for the Schweitzer Bank Barn on the historic farm in the Deer Creek Valley Rural Historic District. The barn was built around 1880, with a rough coarse rubble stone foundation and lower wall, vertical board siding, gable roof and two gabled cupolas containing louvered vents. The hay floor can be approached by an earthen ramp. East-facing hay doors can be opened in the overhang in order to drop hay to the feedlot outside. Sherry and Mary Mears are pictured.

Commercial or Public Building

The Italianate structure at 104 W. Main Street received the Historic Commercial or Public Building Award. Built around 1863 by Samuel Barnett, this handsome building is one of two historic properties in this quarter block owned by Rick Paul. The Barnett building is striking for the triple-hung sashes on its upper story now uncovered and painted with an historic palette. Rick Paul’s own hands have remodeled the retail bay. He was ahead of the Stellar Communities curve in his stewardship and restoration of the façades of his historic properties.

2012 RA
2012 Recognition Awards
Commercial or Public Building

Al Auffart was presented the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Award for his leadership in the preservation of Carroll County treasures including Adams Mill. Al is president of Adams Mill Inc, a not-for-profit organization formed to purchase, restore, and maintain the 1845 grist mill on Wildcat Creek near Cutler.


The Dunbar Family won the Historic Commercial or Public Building for Mitchell's Mexican Grill at 120 N. Washington Street. Built in 1930 as Davies Service Station, the structure has unique Tudor styling which the Dunbars have maintained while updating its appearance. 

Historic Residence-Pre 1920

Toby and Lynn Yates received the Historic Residence: Pre 1920 award for their home at 501 E. Monroe—a cottage style home built circa 1880. The house was formerly owned by Audria Clements, a Union Bank & Trust employee for many years. Toby and Lynn have been remodeling the home for several years making constant improvements.
2010 RA
2011 Recognition Awards
2011 RA

Carol Wellnitz received the Atkinson, Sanders Rodriguez Award for Leadership for her dedication and strong fiscal management of the organization. Carol assumed the office of Treasurer just as DPS was opening the Opera House Gallery which greatly increased the number of financial transactions and accounts of the organization. Carol not only manages the day-to-day transactions, but provides sound fiscal leadership and judgment to the Society.

Gerard Archival Award

Mark Smith was presented the Charles Gerard Historic Archival Award for the work with the newly-formed DPS Education Committee and its project to tell the story of some of Delphi's most historic residences through photographs and text mounted on plaques in front of the homes. In addition to helping with the research for the project, Mark is getting students interested in digging for information as well. 

Commercial or Public Building
2010 Recognition Awards

Tom Atkinson (left) presented the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award to DPS President Greg Norman for his ongoing support of preservation activities in Delphi. A long-time member of the Delphi Preservation Society, Greg has been the driving force behind the annual Recognition Awards.

Historic Residence Post-1920

Bill and Andrea Smothers accept the DPS Recognition Award for Historic Residence Post-1920 for their Craftsman-style frame bungalow on Front Street with tapered columns on the brick porch, exposed rafter brackets, and open gables.


The Delphi Public Library received the DPS Recognition Award for Historic Commercial or Public Building, accepted by Kelly Currie, DPL Librarian. The 1905 red brick classical revival-style structure is a Carnegie Library.

Historic Residence Pre-1920
Gerard Archival Award

The Parks-Vaknin house at 203 E. North Street won the DPS Recognition Award for Historic Residence Pre-1920. The Italianate brick was built in the 1860s. Brenda Vaknin and son Tanner receive the award from Greg Norman.


Bonnie Maxwell received the Charles Gerard Historic Archival Award for her efforts in preserving and making available important Carroll County resources including reprints of Helm's 1882 History of Carroll County and the 1874 Illustrated Atlas of Carroll County.

2010 RA
2009 RA
2009 Recognition Awards

Pictured L to R: Hank Ivey for Times Past Restorations for the former Masonic Temple, Historic Commercial or Public Building Award; Anita Werling, the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award; Betty Allen, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Historic Church Award; Loren Hylton, Wilson Bridge, Historic Site or Structure Award; Al Auffart, Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Association, The Charles E. Gerard Historic Archival Award; not pictured: Lynn Corson and Janet Ayres, Baum-Shaeffer House, Historic Residence Pre-1920.


Anita Werling, was honored with the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Award for Leadership in Preservation, named for the founders of the Delphi Preservation Society. Past president of DPS and now Chair of the Opera House Advisory Board, Werling was recognized for having become "the face of DPS...spending countless hours each week devoted to our causes." In particular her dedicated efforts toward the Opera House restoration project and Opera House Gallery were cited.

Historic Church
Historic Residence Pre-1920
Gerard Archival Award

St. Joseph's Catholic Church received this year's Historic Church Recognition Award. Construction on the gothic church began in 1860 from brick baked at Donovan's brick kiln in Pittsburg. Chapel additions were carefully designed to blend with the historic architecture. The church has been lovingly maintained by the congregation over the years. Accepting the award for St. Joseph's was Betty Allen.


The Baum-Shaeffer house owned by Lynn Corson and Janet Ayres received the Recognition Award for Historic Residence Pre-1920. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Italianate brick home was built in 1855 by Carroll County pioneers David and Eliza Baum. It is a fundamental part of Carroll County's history. Lynn and Janet have spent more than two decades restoring the house and barns on the property. Ironically, they were not present necessitated by extensive damage to the property during a storm and flash flood the prior weekend.


The Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Association became the first recipient of the Charles Gerard Historic Archival Award named in memory of the Delphi historian who died in 2005 from ALS. The Canal Association has taken a proactive, structured approach to developing and maintaining an archive of artifacts, written, photographic, and other materials related to the era of the Wabash & Erie Canal in Carroll County and throughout the canal system. Through the efforts of the Association, interactive and interpretive exhibits in the center and along the trail system bring to life the canal experience to young and old alike. Al Auffart, vice president of the Canal Association board and active in the Archives Committee, accepted the award.

Historic Site or Structure

Receiving the Historic Site or Structure Recognition Award was the Wilson Bridge on CR 300N in the Deer Creek Valley Rural Historic District. Rehabilitation of the bridge was completed in 2008 and is handsomely painted in "merlot." Named for Isaac Wilson, the through truss iron bridge was built in 1898 by the Lafayette Bridge Company. The bridge location is also known as Carrigan's Ford and Royster's Ford. The structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. Loren Hylton, president of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, was on hand to accept the award.

Commercial or Public Building

Times Past Restorations LLC received the Recognition Award for an Historic Commercial or Public Building. Now housing Times Past Antiques and Art Gallery, the building is remembered as the Masonic Temple. Originally constructed between 1868 and 1875, it was purchased in 1878 by John Henry Swegman who ran it as the Occidental Hotel for many years. In the early 1890s it was operated as a sanitarium and spa with mineral water piped in from an artesian well and spring in the area. By 1894 the baths were closed and the building became the Iona Hotel. The Masons purchased the building in 1913 and made extensive changes to the Italianate structure. The Award was accepted by present owners Hank Ivey and Kevin Kologinsky who have dressed up the facade of this historic building with an eye-catching color scheme.

2008 RA
2008 Recognition Awards

Pictured L to R: Greg Norman, DPS Vice President; Steve Briggs and Pastor Bill McLean, Delphi Presbyterian Church, Historic Church Award; Barb Wine, Carroll Manor, Historic Commercial or Public Building Award; Lynn Corson, the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Leadership Award; Tom Atkinson, Historic Residence Pre-1920; Anita Werling, DPS President.


Lynn Corson, past president, was honored as the first recipient of the Atkinson, Sanders, Rodriguez Award for Leadership in Preservation, named for the founders of the Delphi Preservation Society. Corson has been a member of the Society almost since its founding and has served on its board of directors holding every office. Corson has been a strong voice for preservation of historic structures and cultural heritage in Delphi and Carroll County. Through his leadership and contacts, the Society has achieved statewide and national recognition. Corson has secured several grants for the Society, including the prestigious Historic Preservation Fund grant for the recent restoration of the façade on the Assion-Ruffing City Hall building.

Historic Residence Pre-1920

The Recognition Award for Historic Residence Pre-1920 was presented to Tom and Joy Atkinson for their Queen Anne style home at the corner of Franklin and Union streets built in 1896 by Joseph Ruffing, a Delphi jeweler. The Atkinsons have been good stewards of this historic property adding a slate roof to the structure ten years ago and this past year having the residence painted by Hank Ivey Decorating with stunning results.

Commercial or Public Building

Carroll Manor received the first Recognition Award for an Historic Commercial or Public Building. Erected as a County home for the poor in 1911 the Manor is now an assisted-living facility for seniors citizens with special needs. The county-owned structure recently underwent renovations to add an elevator and community room to the facility. The addition was designed to blend in with the historic architecture of the home. Barbah Wine accepted the award on behalf of Carroll Manor.

Historic Church

The inaugural Historic Church Recognition Award was presented to the Delphi Presbyterian Church. Built in 1928 and beautifully maintained, the limestone structure is graced on all sides with stained glass windows. The Church is located on the corner of Main and Indiana streets. Accepting the award were Pastor Bill McLean and Steve Briggs.

2007 RA
2007 Recognition Awards

Eric and Carol Thomsen receiving the 2007 Recognition Award from Greg Norman for their Italianate structure at 121 W. Front Street, originally built by Enoch Rinehart.


The Thomsens have been restoring the home as a single family residence after it had been converted into multiple apartments.

2006 RA
2006 Recognition Awards

Karyl and Dick Traeger received the 2006  Recognition Award from Greg Norman for their residence known as "The Brick" at 203 E. Monroe Street.


Combining Italianate and Greek Revival elements, this National Register property was built in 1857 and is also known as the Barnett-Seawright house.

2005 RA
2005 Recognition Awards

Tom and Mary Ives were the first recipients of the DPS Recognition Award for their home located at 125 W. North Street.


This impressive Italianate brick residence was built in 1870 and is listed in the 1980 Interim Report as the Sims-Cartwright house.

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