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Delphi Preservation Society Imprints...


These publications are available for purchase at the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Delphi Opera House building, 107 S. Washington Street, Delphi, Indiana.

Mystique of Deer Creek


An essay by Delphi historian Charles Gerard providing an in-depth description of Deer Creek in Carroll County, especially the area near Delphi. Newly illustrated with photos and maps. First published in 1981, this revised edition was released in 2009.

William Henry Whistler


Richard L. Funkhouser’s definitive essay summarizes the published accounts of Whistler's involvement with the ill-fated Greely expedition transcribed here. Transcriptions of Whistler’s own journals are also included.

DPS Cookbook


Prepared by DPS members as a fundraiser for the opera house restoration project, this features locally-contributed recipes of all kinds and many color photos of historic buildings, residences, and favorite spots in the area.

An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Carroll County, Indiana, 1874


Reprint by DPS, 2010. Landowner maps of the townships, town plats, engravings of homes and public buildings, brief history, and lists of businesses and residents.

Up the River of Time


Delphi attorney, mayor, agriculturalist, historian, and prolific author, William C. Smith penned a series of historical articles “Up the River of Time” for the Delphi Citizen from late 1929 to early 1931.




Featuring the Delphi Courthouse Square Historic District, Industry, Neighborhoods, Transportation, and Entertainment from the 1850s to the 1950s in more than 200 photos with detailed captions.

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