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Est. 1994

Save the date for 2023 events!

  • June 14th, (Wednesday): 2nd Annual Joint (DPS and DOHI) Annual Meeting

  • Sept. 23rd, (Saturday):  DPS Home Tour 

  • Nov. 24th, (Friday) Legacy Event honoring RayGene Wilson

Our Mission...

The Delphi area has a unique place in the history of the development of our country. The resources and features that remain here today to remind us of our past need our care and nurturing. It shall be the mission of the Delphi Preservation Society to support the preservation, protection and restoration of historic structures in the greater Delphi area from the threat of neglect, obsolescence and the pressures of a modern society. To achieve this mission the Delphi Preservation Society will support, encourage, inform, and educate the public of the architectural significance, history, and heritage of the greater Delphi area.

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Delphi Opera House
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