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Delphi Courthouse Square Historic District: North Side of the Square

The half block of 100 E. Franklin west of the alley houses the Heartland Screen Printing office. The west wall of the Ruffing building has long been used as a canvas for advertising. The mural with historic figures important to Delphi was painted in 2002.
114 E. Franklin.
Built in 1903 as the Citizen Times housing the newspaper run by A. B. Crampton, his daughter Mindwell, and son-in-law Henry Wilson. The two-story Italianate structure is now the office of the Carroll County Comet owned and operated by the third generation of the Moss family.

114 N. Washington.
One of only two frame buildings remaining on the square, this 2-story was built in the early 1870s. For many years it was the City Bakery and later a saloon. It is home today to Sassy's Hair Salon and Day Spa.
120 N. Washington Street.
Now the Mitchell's Mexican Grill, the Tudor-style building was erected in 1930 as Davies gas and service station. This is an interesting example of adaptive reuse of a historic structure.
101-111 West Franklin Street.
To the right at 101-103 West Franklin Street is the Dimmick & Allen 2-story brick Italianate structure that replaced their frame boots and shoe structure destroyed by fire in 1871. This corner was home for many years to Clifford's Corner Grocery. The oval oxeye window marks the separation to the adjoining structure at 105 W. Franklin Street. Presently home to the Pizza King, this building was built by William Bradshaw and housed the New York Store for many decades. The Star Theatre was located on the ground level in the early 1900s. The modern building at 107 W. Franklin replaced two ornate buildings from the 1870s, one of which housed the Roxy Theater when it was demolished in the mid-1970s. 109-111 West Franklin Street is the Christian Neff building dating from between 1871 and 1875 originally housing Haisley's Millinery in the east bay and the Nipper Saloon on the alley. McCain's Jewelry and now Fielding's Jewelry and Time, have occupied the east bay since the early 1900s.

113-121 W. Franklin Street.
At left is the Ryan Block built in 1899 originally housing Swatt's Livery & later Swatt's Auto Hotel. It replaced the frame Swatt's & Metsker's Livery in the only building to have survived the 1871 fire that destroyed most of the block. The Ryan Block has been home to the Carroll County R.E.M.C. (now Carroll White R.E.M.C.) since 1950. The China Buffet is the current business at 117 W. Franklin Street in a 2-story building originally constructed in 1886 as a saloon. On the alley at 113-115 W. Franklin Street is the C.M. Knight Block built in 1885. The 3-story Italianate structure once had a balcony over the storefronts. Now home to Ives Law Offices, the building housed Will Cowdin Plumbing & Heating and City Meat Market for many decades beginning in the 1930s.

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